Change to Order Processing

Effective immediately, we have changed the timeframe for holding cards for orders from 7 days to 2 days. This is due to a handful of customers taking advantage of our system, keeping multiple cards in limbo out of our inventory for extended periods, and making it difficult to process their orders if and when they did decide to pick up. After 2 days of going unpaid, orders will be automatically cancelled and cards contained will be released back in to inventory (where you are welcome to replace the order if you still plan on picking it up). If you are reasonably certain you will be picking up an order, but after the 2 day period, just let us know in the comments and we will gladly hold the order for you until then. Based on past history, certain customers will get more/less leeway with this than others. A simple note saying "picking up Friday" will suffice. 

Due to abuse, from here forward, there will be less leeway with alterations of orders as well. We know your needs can change frequently, and have no problem adjusting orders minimally to accomodate, but we can't reasonably spend ten minutes on one order just taking off twenty individual cards you don't think you want anymore, etc. In cases like those, we reserve the right to cancel that order and request you submit an updated one. 


All in all, this shouldn't change much, and should allow for more sought-after cards a higher chance to be in inventory. We thank you very much for your continued patronage and understanding! 



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